Damilola Ogunsi on facing discrimination in Nollywood for being an albino

Damilola Ogunsi, an actor with albinism, faced discrimination in Nollywood but inspires others by pursuing his dream

Nigerian actor, Damilola Ogunsi popularly known as Gold Fish, has opened up about his experiences as a working Nollywood actor with albinism in an interview with Deutsche Welle (DW).

A hereditary disorder called albinism reduces melanin, resulting in pale skin, hair, and eyes.

Ogunsi spoke to the German publication about a director who once suggested he gave up acting because of his albinism.

I had a director who actually looked me in the face and said, ‘Why do you want to be in the industry, do you see any Albino in the industry? Why do you want to be an actor? Can you see anybody with albinism? It is not something you should do.’ But it has always been my dream, something I have always wanted to do since I was a little boy,” Ogunsi said.

Damilola Ogunsi opens up about facing discrimination in Nollywood because he is Albino [Instagram/damilolaogunsi]

He said that his albinism made him different and special, and gave him a room in the Nollywood film industry.

My uniqueness as an albino is what makes me special, so if there is no one in the industry like that, that means that is a niche,” he said.

Ogunsi has come a long way in the industry, and he felt that his presence adds something different and important to the stories.

“Every time I appear in a film, there is a way my presence colours the film. So now we begin to understand the necessity for inclusion. The fact that this guy is in a film, tells the story in a particular way,” he said.

Damilola Ogunsi played the role of Obama in the movie, ‘Mokalik’ [Instagram/Damilolathegoldfishogunsi]

His words highlight the importance of having diverse people in the film industry, where everyone’s differences can enhance storytelling.

Ogunsi said that other people with albinism who aspire to be actors have been motivated by his journey.

Albinos come to me and say they want to be actors, and I tell them, ‘Go for it. Make it happen. Go and do it,” he stated.

The Nollywood actor is well-known for his roles in the hit films Gangs of Lagos, Mokalik, and Adire.

See the interview below:

Actor with albinism breaks barriers in Nigeria’s Nollywood – DW – 05/30/2024

Damilola Ogunsi, an actor with albinism, faced discrimination in Nollywood but inspires others by pursuing his dream Read More

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