Exploring the common Nigerian Expression: Up Nepa!

In the quest to make a more forward Nigeria, emerges the people who have asked the questions and not just for the mere sake of asking but with a deliberate intention to seek answers to those questions. They have asked these questions, observing at its core, a major issue that constantly plagues the Nigerian people, the issue of constant lapses and lack of electricity power supply.

From the falling grid to the inconsistencies of distribution, the issue of electricity supply is something Nigeria has struggled with for decades. Amongst many agencies established over the years, the National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) was created in 1972 to alleviate the electricity generation, transmission and distribution troubles.

Unfortunately, the country’s misery continued and the phrase UpNEPA which was supposed to represent a solution, only became synonymous with the frustration and hope associated with the erratic power supply.

It has become a major slogan passed down from generation to generation carrying the woes of a constantly degrading system, encapsulating more than 50 years of an ongoing struggle with Nigeria’s electrical infrastructure.

Using this as a medium of expression and exploration, the UpNepa! The documentary serves as a compelling dive into the heart of Nigeria’s electricity challenges. It is a documentary that seeks to highlight this gross major issue in Nigeria with an adamant quest to move forward from the appalling reality. UpNepa documentary asks the questions, the whys, why do we struggle so much with electricity and how can we move on from it?

In the quest to find an active step towards a solution, they consider a myriad of things. To begin with they stress the need for and the value of electricity in Nigeria. They express that the issue of light affects the well-being, productivity, and day-to-day life of every average Nigerian.

In this sense, from something as simple as the unavailability to charge your phone or get a cold drink, to needing it to run a business, it affects every single citizen, in one way or another.

They discuss the problems with the alternatives that we take up for the lack of electricity; such as generators, its high risk of air and noise pollution. Just as it was said in the documentary “The cost of darkness is infinite”. Electricity affects the productivity of life and its constant lack is not normal.

UpNepa observes the history of power and power outage in Nigeria shot with interviews from several concerned and learned Nigerians. To properly investigate the root causes of unreliable power supply, the documentary features industry experts who have been at the crux of Nigeria’s power sector, such as Patrick Okigbo, Ernest Mupwaya, Bart Nnaji, Alex Okoh, and Rahila Thomas, among others.

However, no story about Nigeria’s power sector is complete without those directly impacted. Hence, UpNepa! also features interviews with everyday people—cold store owners in Ibadan, plastics manufacturers in Aba and Kano, and healthcare workers in Lagos.

By featuring interviews with a diverse range of voices, from everyday citizens to industry experts and special guests like Kate Henshaw and MI Abaga, UpNepa! not only highlights the impact of electricity woes on personal, professional, and economic fronts but also offers insights into historical shifts, governmental reforms, and anticipates future developments within. do a good explanation of the major components of each electrical power system; Generation, transmission, and distribution, using the food chain supply as an analogy.

The key players and brains behind the ideas are Ishaya Bako, the Writer and Director, Ummi. A Yakubu, the executive producer, Nenrot Goyoi Akinrowo, the producer, Ajifa Atuluku, producer and lastly Steve Terungwa Lordye, Editor walking in line with Griot Studios, a multimedia company that specializes in producing and distributing content with socio-cultural relevance.

Journalists and the public are more than welcome to engage with the UpNEPA documentary and the Griot studios, through media contacts, the UpNepa film website, and other digital platforms.

To stay updated with more information, visit the UpNepa website, or follow UpNepa and Griot Studios on Instagram.

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A Documentary by Griot Studios
The post Exploring the common Nigerian Expression: Up Nepa! appeared first on BellaNaija – Showcasing Africa to the world. Read today!. Read More

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