Joeboy is using his music to spread awareness about domestic violence

He also debunked the notion that musicians have to be “out there” to breakthrough.

Nigerian singer Joeboy has opened up about using his music to spread awareness of domestic abuse in African societies, saying that it is right to touch on these topics.

During a recent interview with Afrobeats reviewer Justvibes Vivs, Joeboy confirmed that through his music, he is speaking up for women in abusive situations.

“It’s something that happens a lot in African societies, domestic abuse and women being maltreated or not being treated properly so I just wanted to touch on that. I feel it’s right to touch on topics like that and shed more light on it basically,” he said.

He also spoke on his introverted nature, stressing that being introverted and calm gets bad press sometimes, especially in showbiz. Joeboy then encouraged aspiring musicians who are introverted like him saying that they can make it in music just the way they are.

“I think sometimes there are negative connotations to being introverted, especially when it comes to showbiz,” he said.

Joeboy stressed that despite the misconceptions about introverted singers, he was able to make it big.

“People feel like you have to be some certain kind of way to actually breakthrough, but I was able to breakthrough. So I feel like it all balls down to your talent and how well you can connect with people,” he said.

“Me saying this is also to inspire people who feel like they can never have a chance at music because they are calm and introverted. If you try to be somebody that you’re not, it would all just lead to a lot of pressure,” he concluded.

See the full interview below:

He also debunked the notion that musicians have to be “out there” to breakthrough. Read More

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