Ladipoe reacts to the allegation that he shaded Wizkid

Ladipoe reacts to the allegation that he shaded Wizkid.

In an interview with Cool FM, award-winning rapper Ladipoe addressed the recent allegations of shading Wizkid on X (formerly Twitter).

According to Ladipoe, he was only joking and he never meant to disrespect Wizkid with his comments on Afrobeats. Ladipoe stated that he was only commenting on the ongoing conversation about the state of Afrobeats which is coming after a period where hip hop was falsely adjudged to be dying.

“The whole p was a joke…hip hop artists have been through this time where there was this false narrative that hip hop is dead…now Afrobeats is seeing the same whispers. So my comment was like ‘So Afrobeats guys are going through what hip hop went through but this too shall pass,'”Ladipoe told Cool FM.

His comment will be misconstrued to be targeted at Wizkid who had been criticised for saying hip hop was dead and for later also dissociating with Afrobeats.

During the interview, Ladipoe further clarified that his comments were aimed and the audience rather than at any artist.

“If there was anybody it was aimed at, it was the audience or anyone who believed this false narrative. You can’t say any genre is dead as long as they are artists alive and there are people wanting the music” Ladipoe stated.

Wizkid reacted to Ladipoe’s comment by saying that he can’t respond to any rapper sign to an influencer in what was a jab at Mavin Records boss Don Jazzy.

Wizkid comments would further fuel the issue with fans and observers scolding the Grammy winner for reducing Don Jazzy’s status to just an influencer.

Ladipoe reacts to the allegation that he shaded Wizkid. Read More

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