Marriage isn’t for everyone and not an achievement – Uriel

She said marriage isn’t an achievement and not for everyone.

Big Brother Naija Reality TV star and chef, Uriel Oputa, popularly known as Uriel says critics questioning her single status should back-off as marriage is not for everyone.

Uriel who is also an entrepreneur and chef, took to her Instagram @urielmusicstar to address the issue and said, that marriage is not an achievement, which is the reason she does not feel any pressure from the family or the public.

According to her, she does not need validation from social media to prove that she is married or not. She added that posting her partner or relationship status on social media was a prohibition for her.

“Marriage isn’t for everyone. If you think marriage is an achievement, that’s on you. How do you know I’m not married? Do you think everyone needs validation from social media?”, Uriel wrote.

She went ahead to reiterate that she would never post about her partner or relationship status on social media.

I would never post my marriage or my partner’s full face here. Age-shaming and marriage-shaming is so 2018. Let’s maintain this energy and save the lives of young men and women”.

On the topic of trolls who bully people on social media, Uriel reassured them that she is bully-proof.

Bullying doesn’t work with me. I went to an all-white school and I was the blackest kid that ever liveth”.

Meanwhile, the social media influencer has earlier expressed her taught and feelings on the topic of trolls, as well as those who were good at bullying others on social media, reassuring them that she happens to be bully-proof.

She became famous after appearing in Big Brother Naija season 2 in 2017, and ever since then, she has built a successful career in various fields.

She said marriage isn’t an achievement and not for everyone. Read More

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