Mother’s Day Salute: Celebrating Parents as Pillars of Educational Support

Mother’s Day Salute: Celebrating Parents as Pillars of Educational Support

On Mother’s Day, the whole world stops to shine a light on our incredible mothers for their endless sacrifices, unwavering support, extraordinary strength, and unconditional love. To express gratitude, mothers receive sweet notes, warm hugs, odes, breakfasts in bed, cakes, and PDAs of all sorts reeling on social media.

 At Asante Africa foundation, we choose to celebrate Mother’s Day 2024 in a special way. We take a moment to celebrate all the mothers who have acted as strong pillars in raising the standard of education. In many rural communities, education is faced with countless setbacks; from child marriages, poverty, inadequate infrastructure, high rate of school dropouts, to gender inequality. 

With these challenges at hand, Asante Africa Foundation, introduced the Parental Engagement strategy to accelerate quality education in East Africa. The involvement of mothers in Parental Engagement has transformed the lives of students recieving an education. Mothers are actively engaged challenging the status quo by reinforcing education at home, breaking retrogressive traditional norms, enhancing school infrastructure and continuing to play a crucial role in their childs’ education. 

As we celebrate Mother’s Day 2024, we salute every mother who has in one way or the other put in so much effort to ensure the success of their children’s education. We acknowledge you for enriching and empowering the lives of generations. We cherish every bit of advice, motivation, love, and support given, to see that these children reach their full potential. Happy Mother’s Day to all our extraordinary mothers! 

WRITTEN BY: Victoria Kwamaamabe

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