Omah Lay & Fireboy excite fans with first-ever collaboration

Nigerian superstars Omah Lay and Fireboy are set to appear on a track together for the first time.

Anticipation is high among fans who are set to be treated to an exciting collaboration between Nigerian superstars Omah Lay and Fireboy who are partnering with hitmaking producer Lekaa Beat for a new single.

Fireboy had fans on the edge of their seats when he shared a post saying “It’s pretty messed up,” in which he tagged Omah Lay on his X (formerly Twitter) account.

The post appeared to be an announcement of a possible collaboration and Omah Lay thickened the plot with his reply saying “This world is a messed up place bro,” in a post that carried the melancholy and introspection that defines his music.

The collaboration will later be confirmed by Lekaa Beat who announced that he will be collaborating with Fireboy and Omah Lay for a new song.

The upcoming collaboration makes it the first time Fireboy and Omah Lay will be on a song together and this prospect has predictably sparked excitement among fans.

Since breaking into the mainstream, both Fireboy and Omah Lay have enjoyed commercial success. Aside from being hitmakers with critically acclaimed albums, Fireboy & Omah Lay are both past winners of the Headies Next Rated prize in what was an endorsement of their ability to define the future of Nigerian mainstream music.

Fireboy recently released his first single of 2024 called ‘Every Day’ while also appearing on the remix of Ayo Maff‘s ‘Dealer’ and ID Cabasa‘s reimagination of Styl Plus‘ classic ‘Olufunmi’. While Omah Lay is yet to release a song in 2024, he was recently featured by his label mate Kaestyle on the single ‘My Dealer’.

While there’s no release date yet for their collaboration, listeners will be eager to hear how two of the new generation’s biggest stars faired next to each other.

Nigerian superstars Omah Lay and Fireboy are set to appear on a track together for the first time. Read More

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