See Stan Nze, Anthony Monjaro in thriller ‘Troublous Weekend’ on YouTube

Nollywood film, Troublous Weekend, is a dramatic thriller featuring Stan Nze and Anthony Monjaro.

Nigerian-Canadian filmmaker, Olatunbosun Amao, has released his thriller, Troublous Weekend, on YouTube.

The film which is his directorial debut follows the story of Jason Adams, played by Stan Nze, the only surviving child of wealthy parents, and his girlfriend Betty, played by Chinelo Enemchukw, seeking a pleasant weekend away at his grandmother’s house. They arrive alongside Jason’s cousin Ken, played by Anthony Monjaro, and Ken’s girlfriend Isabel, played by Crystabel Goddy.

While Jason plans a weekend of celebration, including proposing to Betty, he soon discovers the surprise is on him. The new maid, Zina, informs them of her grandmother’s mysterious absence, setting an uneasy tone.

See Stan Nze, Anthony Monjaro in new thriller ‘Troublous Weekend’ streaming on YouTube

The film features Merit Simon, Vivian Pius, Stanley Okoro, Chizzy Olisa, and Kenechukwu Eze.

Amao has established himself as a figure in the Nigerian film industry and has also served as a producer on multiple films, including, Black Mail and A Different Lens.

The short film, A Different Lens (2021), collected multiple awards including the Jury Award for Best Short in North America at the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival. The film was also a finalist for the Venice Shorts Festival, California, USA, a Semi-Finalist for the Sweden Film Awards, and a Sweden Honourable Mention for the Black Truth Film Festival, USA.

The film is also set to debut on Prime Video later this year.

See the trailer for the film, Troublous Weekend, below:

Nollywood film, Troublous Weekend, is a dramatic thriller featuring Stan Nze and Anthony Monjaro. Read More

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