Tems shares the inspiration behind her album ‘Born In The Wild’

Tems describes her debut album ‘Born In The Wild’ as a journey of self-discovery.

In an interview on Apple Music African Now Radio, Tems gives insight into the inspiration behind her long-awaited debut album ‘Born In The Wild’.

According to Tems, the album is about discovering herself and becoming the woman she is meant to be.

“‘Born in the Wild’ is a story of transformation from a cocoon to a butterfly. It speaks about surviving a mental wilderness that comes with life and coming to a place where one can thrive. It’s about accepting oneself and embodying the woman I was born to be. It shows the different dimensions of who Tems is and her journey from a cub to a lioness,” she tells host Nandi Madiba.

On her recently released lead single ‘Love Me Jeje,’ the Grammy winner describes it as a record that celebrates unconditional love.

“‘Love Me JeJe’ is a sweet, happy song about finding unconditional love. The joy of finding a love that doesn’t run out, and not settling for anything else and just basking in the sun, basking in love, in that unconditional type of love”.

Tems releases her anticipated debut album ‘Born In The Wild’

Tems’ highly anticipated debut album ‘Born In The Wild’ has 18 tracks with guest appearances from Asake and J Cole.

Ahead of the release of her album on June 7, 2024, one of the lead singles ‘Me & U’ was nominated for the Best Gospel Song at the 2024 BET Awards. Tems describes the song as a conversation with God in which she encourages listeners to have faith.

Tems describes her debut album ‘Born In The Wild’ as a journey of self-discovery. Read More

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